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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Time for Tea....Mr Foggs

Hello there,

Welcome back to another afternoon tea review from Tea With Me and Friends...this week we have a fab afternoon tea adventure for you from Mr Foggs in London.

Mr Foggs is an intriguing place.....the "home" of Phileas Fogg Esq. - guests are invited to enjoy evening cocktails in the Fogg Mayfair abode which is packed to the rafters with artifacts "discovered" by the explorer Mr Fogg. On Friday and Saturdays afternoon tea adventurers can also descend upon the Fogg household for a spot of tipsy afternoon tea. The perfect spot to celebrate a Tea With Me and Friends Birthday we thought!

Booking can be done online or via telephone, but for afternoon tea you will also be required to provide a credit card to guarantee your booking. Once you find this hidden gem you will be amazed at the styling of the drawing room/bar both inside and out.....

Mr Foggs from the outside

My photos really don't do the interior justice....there is just so much to marvel at once you are in your seats....

Mr Foggs from the inside
Mr Foggs

We were given our menus and asked to pursue them and soak in the surroundings. As the name suggests this is a tipsy tea and therefore the tea is of the alcoholic variety....namely gin or champagne cocktails. Guests can either pick one teapot from the seven cocktails on offer...or they can opt to have a bottomless teapot and work your way through either the three gin cocktails or the four champagne cocktails. It's worth noting that the bottomless teapots are limited to your two hour tipsy tea experience.

We opted for the bottomless gin teapot which included the following cocktails:

Earl Grey infused Tanqueray No.TEN gin,
steeped in a teapot with Cointreau, crème de pêche
and orange marmalade.

Woburn Abbey
English Breakfast infused Tanqueray No.TEN gin,
steeped in a teapot with crème de bergamot, lemon
juice and bee pollen sugar with milk on the side.

Catherine of Braganza
Green Tea infused Tanqueray No.TEN gin,
steeped in a teapot with Cointreau, crème de apricot
and orange marmalade

Mr Foggs bottomless teapots

Once we had our first teapot the rest of the afternoon tea was served....

Afternoon tea - Mr Foggs

Now, the eagle eyed of you out there will notice something is missing from this wonderful spread.....yes, there are no scones (shock horror!) instead we had sandwiches, lots of different cakes and some macaroons. Now...... as you are reading this review just bear in mind that this is a tipsy tea.

Let's start with the sandwiches....

Afternoon tea sandwiches - Mr Foggs

I think it's safe to say that this was the low point of the whole experience....the sandwiches were of the finger variety and they were crustless and fresh....but the fillings were uninspiring and the bread was just white bread. 

The fillings included ham and cheese, cucumber (just cucumber - no butter nor cream cheese), salmon and tuna and sweetcorn. 

There was nothing wrong with the sandwiches as such....but they weren't exactly filling and to be honest I could make better sandwiches at home....here is a closer look....

Afternoon tea sandwiches - Mr Foggs
It's also worth noting that the teapots might be bottomless, but the food is limited....what you see on the stand is what you get.

Once we had consumed the rather flat sandwiches (we're still not sure how they were so flat) we moved up the cake stand to the sweet treats...which looked rather rustic but were all rather good.

Afternoon tea cakes - Mr Foggs

The middle tier included custard slices which were delicious and light and another sweet pastry with a nutty filling (I think this was from Germany, but my memory is a little blurred by the teapots we consumed). We enjoyed both of these a lot, but they were rather messy to eat.

Afternoon tea cakes - Mr Foggs

The top tier included some rather scrummy pistachio cake, three different macaroons and some chocolate truffles. The cake was moist and scrummy and we each enjoyed our macaroon.

As you can see the cakes were all rather rustic in appearance, but they were all fresh and tasty.

Afternoon tea at Mr Foggs

During our two hour experience we made our way through all three gin cocktails....all of which were very good and well made....they are definitely the main attraction in this afternoon tea adventure and outshone the food served. Once you have finished your afternoon tea you are welcome to stay in the bar and work your way through the extensive cocktail list (if you can still see straight after your teapots!).

The service was friendly and each cocktail is handmade at the bar, the waiters are happy to make recommendations if you can't pick which teapot you want to try.

The afternoon tea costs £38 per person for a single teapot or £58 per person for a bottomless gin teapot and £68 per person for a bottomless champagne teapot. I think we got approximately two and a half cups out of each gin teapot.

This is definitely a quirky afternoon tea experience - especially good for anyone who enjoys a cocktail or two! However, not so good if you are looking for a traditional afternoon tea experience.

For more information visit the Mr Foggs website.

So, over to you....have you enjoyed a quirky afternoon tea anywhere? Let us know by leaving a comment below....

Thank you for popping by today,

Friday, 24 April 2015

The Friday Review.....Dragonfly Tea

Hello there,

Well, it's Friday again (doesn't it come around quickly!) and so that means it's time to share with you our latest tea review. This week we wanted to share a slightly overdue review with you from Dragonfly Tea. Earlier this month a wonderful surprise arrived at Tea With Me and Friends Towers in the form of a scrummy dark chocolate Easter egg. However, this was no normal Easter egg....just look what we found inside....

Easter treats from Dragonfly Tea

Now I'm afraid that I don't have a photo of the beautiful Easter egg before I decided to smash it to pieces! I can tell you that it was made by New Forest Chocolates and was a decadent dark chocolate with a gold dusting.....and it was really nice....so nice that Lorna might not have actually eaten any of it (sorry Lorna!).

Now inside the egg I found four Dragonfly teabags.....

Dragonfly Tea

Dragonfly Tea are a family-owned, British company with a hundred year heritage of sourcing, growing and making pure and fine teas. They offer tea lovers a range of authentic, artisan teas from across the globe, and include black, green, white, naturally caffeine free and rooibos teas. 

All Dragonfly Teas are organic and each string & tag sachet comes individually sealed. On your tags you will find wonderful little quotes to make you smile.....

We were looking forward to sampling the four teas we found nestled inside our Easter egg (so much better than finding chocolate inside!). We had "Emerald Mountain" an organic green tea, "Golden Himalaya" an organic Darjeeling tea, "Cape Malay Chai" and organic spiced Rooibos and "Swirling Mist" an organic white tea to sample. Aren't those names just fabulous!

Let the tea tasting begin.....

Dragonfly Tea Tasting

We decided to try the four teas together so we could compare the flavours and really notice the difference between the teas....so we got our favourite teacups out (and my beautiful new Fortnum and Masons mug!) and got brewing.

The first thing we noticed was the difference in colours of the different teas....

Dragonfly Tea Tasting

From left to right we have the white tea which was a pale yellow hue, next the rooibos which was a rosy red, next the Darjeeling which was a beautiful amber and finally the green tea which had a pale green colour. All were vibrant, but clear.

Let's start with the Emerald Mountain, the green tea....

Emerald Mountain Organic Green Tea, Dragonfly Tea

This tea comes from Southern China and is a beautiful light green colour once brewed for approximately two minutes. It has a smooth and light flavour.....with no hint of bitterness.

Next came Golden Himalaya, the organic Darjeeling....

Golden Himalaya Organic Darjeeling Tea, Dragonfly Tea

I love the bright amber of this tea, its so welcoming and made me smile once it had brewed. This tea comes from tea gardens in the Himalayan foothills.

The flavour is warm and rich but remains light....it has a slight fruity taste which I really enjoyed. This was my favourite of the four teas and would make a lovely cuppa to brighten your day.

We then moved onto the Cape Malay Chai, the organic spiced rooibos....

Cape Malay Chai, Organic Spiced Rooibos, Dragonfly Tea

Now if you have read any of our Friday Reviews before you'll know my feelings about Rooibos teas....I have never really "got" them. However, the brilliant thing about The Friday Review blog posts is that its allowing me to expand my taste buds.

This tea has a lovely rosy hue, but as you can see from the photo it is still clear and not cloudy. It also has a wonderful spicy aroma. The taste too is warm, soothing and lightly spiced....not at all overpowering.

Finally we have the Swirling Mist, an organic white tea....

Swirling Mist, organic white tea, Dragonfly Tea

This is a delicate and light tea, which has a pale yellow hue when brewed for a couple of minutes. Lorna commented that this was a refreshing cup of tea, very thirst quenching.

All in all we enjoyed all these teas and would like to thank Dragonfly Tea for sending us these samples. We also have some more blends to try so watch this space for another Friday Review coming soon!

To find out more about the Dragonfly Teas please visit their website, here you will also be able to find out Stockists or buy directly online.

So, over to you....have you tried any of the Dragonfly Teas? Do you have a favourite Dragonfly Tea....let us know which it is....

Thank you for popping by today,

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Time for something a little bit different....Tea

Hello there,

Happy Saturday! Welcome back to Tea With Me and Friends.

Today is a special day, as two of our friends are getting married - a huge congratulations to Alex and Aron! Now, this might seem like a bit of an unusual post for Tea With Me and Friends...but I promise there is some afternoon tea coming up!

I had the pleasure of attending Alex's hen weekend in Bristol, a group of us hired a house and had a lovely weekend. It was organised by Alex's bridesmaids Louise and Lauren, and they had the brainwave of hosting an afternoon tea at the house during one of the afternoons. As a group we thought this was a fab idea and all wanted to contribute to this afternoon tea adventure.

If you have popped by the blog before you might recognise Alex's name, as she is rather passionate about afternoon tea and often comes on our adventures! We began the morning with some crafting, each of us making a felt cat head that will be made into cat bunting for Alex....

Alex getting her craft on!
 We got very creative with our cats....

Then later in the afternoon we prepared the afternoon tea spread, which was all homemade.....

A homemade afternoon tea spread

As you can see the house was very well equipped for hosting a proper afternoon tea, just look at this wonderful cupboard (which we made the most of!)....

A proper china cupboard!

We were very traditional and included all the usual items in our afternoon tea....

Crustless afternoon tea sandwiches

The sandwiches were crustless and the scones were served warm....

Homemade afternoon tea scones

The sweet treats were all so different and included lemon cake, coffee cake, cat shaped vanilla biscuits, mini victoria sponges...you name it and we probably had it....

Afternoon tea sweets

Mini victoria sponges

We even had these amazing cat shaped cake pops, which were rich and scrummy....

Cat cake pops!

We were all really pleased with our efforts and so was Alex when we finally let her see the spread....

Alex and her afternoon tea spread!

All in all this was a wonderful experience that I got to share with a lovely group of ladies.

So, over to you....do you have any homemade afternoon tea photos that you'd like to share with us? We'd love to hear about your afternoon tea adventures at home - please leave us a comment!

Thank you for popping by today,